Policy and Guidelines


The laws contained within this document shall be valid and in effect.

Signed: January 1, 2019


The laws and statutes that comprise this document are not open to interpretation by the public. They are to be read literally. Interpretation is reserved for the courts.

The Department of Justice is hereby formed to establish systems for enforcing laws, seeking just punishment for those found guilty of crimes, and to ensure the fair and impartial handling of justice. The government is hereby formed under one nation containing one governing body for the nation, two counties, and numerous cities and towns.

The Senate and Government Board of Directors is hereby formed to direct the creation, alteration, and enforcement of these laws.

Citing the Code

For consistency and to allow ease of understanding, please refer to penal code entries in one of three ways:

  1. With the full title, prefix first. For example, [1] 1 - Vehicle Manslaughter.

  2. With the prefix. For example, [1] 1 or [1] 2.

  3. [#] can be citing by "Title", the [#] # can be cited by section (e.g. - [1] 1 = Title 1, Section 1)


This is a two-part disclaimer.

The first disclaimer is that several offences that would commonly be illegal in developed western nations are intentionally not included within this code because they are against the rules of this community in some way, shape, or form.

This particularly applies to "sex crimes." "Sexual RP" is not permitted here and therefore crimes including rape, prostitution/pimping, sexual assault/battery, sex crimes against minors, etc. are intentionally left out of this penal code. The absolute maximum amount of relevant RP of this kind you may perform here would be exemplified by the Domestic Violence law, the "sexual remarks or physical advances" portion of the Sexual Harassment law, or the "act of intentionally touching another person without consent" portion of the Simple Battery law.

The second disclaimer is that just because an offence is listed in the penal code does not mean anyone is allowed to do it. The rules page contains a list of restricted roleplay scenarios which place limitations onto certain higher crimes such as, but not limited to, terrorism, bank robbery, etc..

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