[6] 4 - Grand Theft Auto

A person who commits theft of any motor vehicle, no matter the value is guilty under this code section. This also counts for Emergency Services Vehicles.

Felony Sentence: 400 Seconds VMenu

Sentence: 15 Minutes Economy Fine: $1,000


This section make it a crime to take someone else's vehicle, worth $950 or more, without permission, with the intent to deprive the true owner of the vehicle. Prosecutors can charge this offence as a felony. Unlawfully taking a vehicle belonging to another, or driving the vehicle without the owners consent, with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of the vehicle.


1) You took a car owned by someone else; 2) The car was worth more than nine hundred fifty ($950) dollars (in most cases); 3) You didn't have permission from the owner to take the car;


1) You did not intend to steal 2) The car actually belonged to you . . . or you believed it did, 3) The person who owned the car consented to you taking it

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