[6] 10 - Vandalism

Maliciously damaging, destroying or defacing another person’s property.

[6] 10.1 - Misdemeanor Vandalism of less than $10,000 damages Sentence: 50 Seconds VMenu

Sentence: 5 Minutes Economy Fine: $1000

[6] 10.2 - Felony Vandalism of $10,000 or more in damages or of any government property

Sentence: 100 Seconds VMenu

Sentence: 10 Minutes Economy Fine: $2000


If the location of this crime is any of the following: Galileo Observatory, Del Perro Pier, Sisyphus Theatre, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam & Reservoir, Kortz Center, Vinewood Dam & Reservoir, Rockford Hills Church, Little Seoul Church, Miriam Turner Overpass, Rockford Hills City Hall, De Santa Residence, or the Davis Courts Building Plaza; then the maximum punishment may be 1.5 times the above listed amount.

This offence is a wobbler charge. This means that it may be either a Federal Charge or a Regular Charge depending on where the Vandalism occurred.

Regular Charges: Private property, state property including: Port of Los Santos, Los Santos International Airport, Palmer-Taylor Power Station, and Ron Alternates Wind Farm, parks, libraries, police cars.

Federal Charges: This can be property consists of land or assets owned by the Federal government. These may also include government agencies or government-sponsored organizations such as The Court House, FBI Building, IAA Building, Fort Zancudo, NOOSE Building, or any vehicles owned by such agencies.


1) During a fight with your husband, breaking some fine china that you own together; 2) Keying the car of someone you know as an act of revenge for something awful they’ve done; and 3) Writing your name in wet cement on a city sidewalk.

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