[3] 11 - Failure to Yield or Move Over for an Emergency Vehicle

Reference - None

It is illegal to fail to pull to the right side of the road as soon as safely possible when an emergency vehicle is trying to pass, or approaching towards a motor vehicle, from in front or behind with emergency lights engaged. Motorists may also pull to the left or pass a red traffic signal if it is safe to do so when necessary to clear the path for an emergency vehicle.

It is illegal to not provide the right of way to an emergency vehicle when it approaches an intersection or crossing with emergency lights engaged.

Move Over or Slow Down

It is illegal to not move over to provide a gap of at least one lane-width OR pass in the adjacent lane while travelling at least 20MPH under the speed limit when passing a stationary emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated that is stopped on the side or shoulder of a road.

Emergency vehicle operators shall maintain a safe method of emergency vehicle operation when operating said emergency vehicle with lights and/or sirens engaged in a manner which does not follow normal motor vehicle operation standards such as driving against traffic, driving through red lights, etc.

Infraction Sentence: None License Points: 1 Fine: $200

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