Fleeing Suspect Doctrine

Created 07/08/2020 - Drafted by Justice Jack Sparroe, Justice Mike Goodman Within this document are the guidelines and specifics regarding lethal force against a fleeing suspect as well as when an officer has the authority and legal immunity to do so. Within the State of San Andreas it shall be legal and the action itself if founded true shall grant legal immunity to an officer of the law who on duty, that uses lethal force against a suspect who is fleeing from law enforcement, under the specific circumstance that such suspect provides without a reasonable doubt an imminent threat to the life of the officer, or the life of others such as a citizen. Should an officer determine and incite the use of lethal force upon a fleeing suspect and the circumstances regarding the use of lethal force are founded to be just in nature, said officer shall be found not guilty within a court of law and granted legal immunity regarding such a charge that, may revolve around the use of lethal force against a fleeing suspect.

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