[3] 12 - Distracted Driving

A driver shall not drive a motor vehicle while holding and/or operating a handheld wireless telephone or an electronic communications device unless the device is being used in a hands-free manner.

A driver shall not drive a motor vehicle while voluntarily engaged in a behavior or conduct which knowingly or unknowingly constitutes a distraction from the driver's focus on the roadway. Such examples include eating, drinking, applying makeup, reading, looking at electronic devices, tuning a radio, listening to music, grooming oneself, looking or programming a navigation device, etc.. The listed examples are not punishable infractions unless done in a manner which constitutes a noticeable distraction; in other words, simply observing a driver tuning a radio is not an offense alone without them also behaving in a manner which suggests distraction such as: failing to stop, slow down, or speed up with the flow of traffic, failing to yield to emergency vehicles, pedestrians, or other traffic, failing to maintain a lane, etc..

Infraction Sentence: None License Points: 1 Fine: $150

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