[4] 15 - Disturbing the Peace

No person may fight or challenge another person to fight.

No person may use offensive language or behavior in a public place with the intention or reasonably concludable result of provoking or inciting a physical/violent reaction from another person (instigation).

No person may disturb another person by producing/playing loud noise/music, or allowing loud dog barking, from 9PM to 6AM IGT (in game time).

No person may produce/play noise/music loud enough to reasonably cause hearing damage, at any time of day or night, in any public place (or at least detrimentally audible from a public place or other's private property).

No person may participate in an assembly which prohibits others from freely passing or being unobstructed in their ability to travel.

No person may create a circumstance or perform an action which results in the obstruction of the operation of a private person's or business' operation within their private property.

Misdemeanor Sentence: 50 Seconds Fine: $300


Using "fighting words" while assuming a "fighting stance" against another person.

Using charged remarks against another with the intention of provoking a violent response.

Playing loud music at a house party at 3AM.

Walking down the street with an airhorn and continually depressing it at passersby.

Walking down the sidewalk at 2AM while screaming in a residential area; likely to awake sleeping residents.

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