[1] 17 - Terroristic Threats (Fed Charge)

When one threatens to kill or physically harm the general public, or when one threatens to cause significant damage, mass destruction using explosives, weapons of mass destruction, cause illness using biological weapons, or other extreme violence against the general public.

When one threatens national security operations or intelligence efforts.

When one represents a device or container as containing, being labelled as, or intended to appear to contain a toxic material, a explosive, or a biohazard with the intent to terrorize, frighten, intimidate, threaten, or harass (i.e. A device that looks like a bomb but is not one, a box that is labelled "Anthrax" and left next to a school, a person calling the White House and saying that they mailed them a box containing a bomb).

Felony Sentence: 400 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 120 Minutes Economy Fine: $300,000


1) Threatening to destroy a building 2) Threatening to commit an active shooting 3) Claiming to posses biological weapons with an intent to bring harm onto the general public

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