[1] 16 - Terrorism (Fed Charge)

Killing or physically harming the general public, causing significant damage, mass destruction using explosives, weapons of mass destruction, causing illness using biological weapons, or other extreme violence against the general public.

Attempting to or successfully intimidating or coercing a civilian population, to influence the policy of a government, or to affect the conduct of a government by destruction, assassination, or kidnapping of dignitaries, their constituencies, or their family members.

Attempting to or successfully inhibiting national security operations or intelligence efforts.

Felony Sentence: 1000 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 240 Minutes Economy Fine: $500,000


In order to attract and maintain the publicity necessary to generate widespread fear, terrorists must engage in increasingly dramatic, violent, and high-profile attacks. These have included hijackings, hostage takings, kidnappings, mass shootings, car bombings, and, frequently, suicide bombings.

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