[2] 8 - Kidnapping

The unlawful transportation or holding of another person against their will and abducting another person and holding them against their will for an extended period of time. A person commits kidnapping by moving another person a substantial distance, without the person's consent, by means of using force or fear.

Felony Sentence: 450 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 45 Minutes Economy Fine: $5000

This offence is a wobbler charge. This means that it may be either a Federal Charge or a Regular Charge depending on the nature of the victim.


1) Force or fear means actually inflicting physical force upon the alleged victim, or 2) Threatening to inflict imminent physical harm


1) Tying someone up, moving her to a desolate location, then asking for ransom to release. 2) Holding someone gun-point, and demanding that he drives you away from an incident. 3) Telling your girlfriend's 8-year-old son that you are taking him to the movies when, in fact, you have no such intention and are simply "hiding" him from his mother because she cheated on you.

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