[2] 9 - Hostage Taking

Holding a person with a threat against their life or well being with intent or declaration of using them for leverage for escape or personal gain.

Felony Sentence: 450 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 45 Minutes Economy Fine: $5000


1) Restrain of a person without their consent 2) Confine, or detain a person 3) Protect yourself from the arrest, or use him/her as a human shield


The defendant went on a "shooting spree" at a hospital. During this time, he grabbed two women who were at the hospital by their necks and handcuffed them together and held them hostage. When the security guards came, he pointed his gun at the two women's heads, and the security left. He then barricaded the three of them in a room before ultimately turning himself in.


1) Consent or no imminent threat of arrest, 2) No increased risk of harm, duress, and; 3) Self-defence or defence of others

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