[3] 25 - Driving without a License

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Motor Vehicles - Driving a motor vehicle, off-road vehicle, or all-terrain vehicle on a public roadway while:

  • Infraction: Never having obtained a Driver's License.

  • Infraction: Not having a physical valid Driver's License ID card in the driver's possession.

  • Infraction: Having an expired Driver's License.

  • Misdemeanor: Having a suspended/revoked Driver's License.

For drivers of commercial vehicles that are missing a Commercial Driver License Endorsement, see: [3] 23 - Improper License Class / Endorsement

This charge may be stacked with [3] 23 - Improper License Class / Endorsement

Additionally, No person under 16 years of age shall be issued a license.


An ATV, dirt-bike, or off-roading vehicle does not require registration, nor shall the driver require a driving license, to operate on roads or trials within a state/national forest/park. Also, for the purpose of a public road, using a crosswalk and/or moving a non-roadworthy vehicle from one side of the road-edge (or sidewalk) to the other is not considered 'driving' it on that public road.

Infraction Sentence: None Fine: $100

Revoked/Suspended License: Misdemeanor Sentence: 150 Fine: $1000

The vehicle must also be impounded after the citation has been given unless the driver is able to have a licensed driver pick up the vehicle within a reasonable amount of time.

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