[1] 11 - Impersonating a Police Officer

Any person who willfully wears, exhibits, or uses the uniform, insignia, emblem/logo, device, label, certificate, card, badge, or title, of a peace officer, with the intent of fraudulently impersonating.

Using colored lighting and/or a siren to attempt to give the impression of being a law enforcement officer and attempting to, or successfully, stopping/detaining another motorist on a public roadway.

Using red, blue or amber lighting, and/or a siren to bypass traffic control devices or stop an individual from continuing their route on a public road. (Moved to other law: Vehicle Flashing Colored Lights and Sirens)

Felony Sentence: 400 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 60 Minutes Economy Fine: $4000


1) Dressing up as a cop and pretending to patrol a neighborhood. 2) Trying to intimidate a fellow motorist with a fake police badge. 3) Wearing a real police uniform and threatening to arrest someone.


1) No intent to defraud, 2) The film or theatre prop exception, and/or 3) No impersonation of a police officer.

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