[3] 29 - Hit and Run

Causing a traffic collision and failing to stop and identify oneself afterwards.

Misdemeanor Sentence: 100 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 5 Minutes Economy License Points: 2 Fine: $1,000

With Injury/Death: Felony

Sentence: 250 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 10 Minutes Economy License Points: 3 Fine: $2,000


San Andreas Law requires a driver involved in an accident (that causes property damage or injuries) to stop at the nearest safe location and:

1) Locate the owner(s) of the other vehicle(s) 2) Present one’s drivers license and vehicle registration, if requested 3) Present the current residence address of the driver and the registered owner 4) If the owner of the other vehicle is not present, leave a note in a conspicuous place with their info

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