[1] 13 - Impersonating an Official

Any person who willfully wears, exhibits, or uses the uniform, insignia, emblem/logo, label, certificate, card, badge, or title, of a government employee, judge, civilian government contractor, emergency service worker (except police (see Impersonating a Police Officer)) with the intent of impersonating that position or title.

Any person who claims to be a medical employee while not actually being a "Medical Employee" including Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Pharmaceutical Technicians that are actively employed by a medical clinic, hospital, or emergency medical service agency.

Felony Sentence: 600 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 60 Minutes Economy Fine: $5000

This offence is a wobbler charge. This means that it may be either a Federal Charge or a Regular Charge depending on the nature of the person being impersonated.

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