[2] 6 - Involuntary Manslaughter

The unintentional killing of another person as a result of general recklessness without intent to kill another person.


Sentence: 300 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 30 Minutes Economy Fine: $5,000


1) A man steals a bicycle that has been left outside of a store (thus committing the California misdemeanor crime of petty theft. As he is riding away on the bicycle, he strikes a pedestrian who eventually dies of because of her critical injuries due to the traffic accident that had happened. 3) During a fight with her husband, a woman retrieves her gun and waves it at him to threaten him. The gun accidentally fires, killing the husband because of the injuries he'd obtained from the injury. 3) A farm owner forces his workers to pick vegetables in record-breaking heat. One of them, a pregnant woman, collapses and dies of heatstroke.

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