Release on Recognizance (ROR) Doctrine AKA. Own Recognizance (OR) / Personal Recognizance (PR) [Term Varies by Region]

The Release on Recognizance (ROR) Doctrine contains guidelines relating to the practice of issuing Misdemeanor citations and releasing suspects instead of booking them into custody.

In the event that a suspect is arrested for a Misdemeanor which involves jail time, the officer performing the arrest may, at their own discretion, choose to release the suspect with a criminal misdemeanor citation in lieu of arrest ("cite and release" / "cite and release arrest").

Misdemeanor citations are legally considered arrests and should be classified as zero-time arrests in CAD; the only difference being that the suspect does not need to be transported to a holding area and booked into jail.

Certain misdemeanors laws do not apply under this doctrine. Exemptions are indicated on individual penal codes.

Written by Chief Justice Terry July 31 2021

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