[6] 1 - Petty Theft

When someone takes someone else's personal property, worth $999.99 or less, without permission. Someone who fails to pay a contract or invoice within a reasonable amount of time for services totaling less than $999.99 in value is also guilty under this code.

Misdemeanor Sentence: 0 Fine: $200


1) Switching or changing price tags on merchandise so that you pay less 2) Putting a more valuable item into a different packaging for a less valuable item 3) Eating at a restaurant and running without paying 4) Borrowing a neighbor's $300 serving tray and purposefully does not return it 5) Changing the price tag on a $100 sweater and proceeding to the checkout line 6) Taking a smartphone from a shipment of phones belonging to one's employer Defenses:

1) Acted with the property owner's consent, 2) Merely borrowed the property in question, and/or 3) Asserts a claim of right over the property.

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