[2] 11 - Strongarm Robbery

Theft of money or property from an individual or business with force. This section makes it a crime to take property from someone else's person, immediate presence, or property against the victim's will, through the use of force or fear.

Felony Sentence: 300 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 30 Minutes Economy Fine: $1000


1) Breaking into a house (committing Burglary) while the residents are inside, then threatening them with physical harm before stealing some of their personal property; 2) Drugging someone, then stealing their possessions while they are unconscious; and 3) After being caught in the act of stealing something from a store (theft), then threatening the owner of the property with physical harm in order to escape.


1) You didn't use force or fear to take the property; 2) You honestly believed that you had a right to the property; 3) You are a victim of mistaken identity; or being falsely accused.

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