San Andreas’ Sovereign Citizen Declaration Doctrine REMOVED


The Sovereign Citizen Declaration Doctrine states that a federal agent, may consider a subject, whom declares themselves a “sovereign citizen” or declare a property/area of land as “sovereign land”, as a terrorist.

By considering the individual who declares themselves or their land as sovereign, the federal agent, may exercise the level of force they deem adequate, to handle the situation said terrorist is presenting them.

In order for this doctrine to be viable for use, 2 criteria must be met;

•The individual must claim at least 2 times, they declare themselves or their land as sovereign of that to the US •A federal agent must be called to the scene, to confirm and declare the individual, as one who claims themselves to be a sovereign citizen.

Once both of the above criteria have been met, it is the discretion of the federal agent present on the scene, to move forward with how they see best.

They may use force, up to the legally identified bracket of “lethal force” should, in that situation, they regard the identified terrorist and their actions, claims or comments, necessary of the return of lethal force.

The standard practice taught rules of engagement do not need to be met in the instance of the Sovereign Citizen Declaration Doctrine criteria being met. As long as the federal agent can articulate legitimacy and reasoning to their actions, they may exert whichever level of force they deem necessary and appropriate.

A sovereign citizen will be defined as an individual whom feels they do not need to conform with the US law, and do not identify as a US citizen. They are considered anarchists, with a disregard for the US constitution, it’s laws enforced in the US, and local state laws enforced in San Andreas. - (edited)

[20:48]The declaration of sovereign land will be defined as land that geographically is part of the US, found within the state of San Andreas, however the state recognized land owner, declares the land as sovereign of that to the US. They declare their land isn’t connected to that of the US, and won’t conform to the constitution of the US, the laws enforced in the US or local state laws enforced in San Andreas.

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