[1] 34 - Narcotic Induced Homicide

There are 2 examples of narcotic induced homicide;

1- Providing an individual with narcotics, that eventually leads an individual to death.

2- Selling narcotics, whereby those specific narcotics, eventually lead to an Individual’s death.

Example A: At a house party, subject A provides Person B with a packet of cocaine. Person B consumes the cocaine, and later overdoses and dies from the cocaine.

Example B: Subject A sells Person B heroin, laced with battery acid. Person B eventually dies from an overdose, from the heroin laced with battery acid, sold by Subject A.


Fine: $10000

Sentence: 700 Seconds

Note: In order to charge with [1] 34 - Narcotic Induced Homicide, a Medical Examiners [ME] report must show the cause of death [COD], to be linked to the narcotic. This includes but isn’t limited to; Overdose, narcotic induced cardiac arrest, other means of death, induced by the consumption of the narcotic

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