[3] 43 - Altered Vehicle Height

No person shall operate any passenger motor vehicle upon the public streets or highways of this state, the body of which has been altered in such a manner that the front or rear of the vehicle is raised at such an angle as to obstruct the vision of the operator of the street or highway in front or to the rear of the vehicle.

Every motor vehicle which is licensed in this state and operated upon the public streets or highways of this state shall be equipped with front and rear bumpers if such vehicle was equipped with bumpers as standard equipment.

This subsection shall not apply to motor vehicles designed or modified primarily for off-highway purposes while such vehicles are in tow or to motorcycles or motor-driven cycles, or to motor vehicles registered as historic motor vehicles when the original design of such vehicles did not include bumpers, nor shall the provisions of this subsection prohibit the use of drop bumpers. The superintendent of the Missouri state highway patrol shall adopt rules and regulations relating to bumper standards.

Maximum bumper heights of both the front and rear bumpers of motor vehicles shall be determined by weight category of gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) measured from a level surface to the highest point of the bottom of the bumper when the vehicle is unloaded, and the tires are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Maximum bumper heights are as

Vehicle weight ClassMaximum Front(F) and Rear bumper(R) height

4,500 lbs and under

24 Inches (F) 26 Inches (R)

4,501 lbs through 7,500 lbs

27 Inches (F) 29 Inch (R)

7,501 lbs through 9,000 lbs

28 Inches (F) 30 Inches (R)

9,001 lbs through 11,500 lbs

29 Inches (F) 31 Inches (R)

A motor vehicle in violation of this section shall not be approved during any motor vehicle safety inspection required.


Fine: $750

Sentence: None

Points: 2


The vehicle may be towed and impounded at the officers discretion

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