[4] 12 - Perjury (Fed Charge)

Reference - None

Knowingly lying under oath verbally or through writing in judicial proceedings. Perjury is knowingly telling a lie or breaking an oath. An example of perjury is a witness telling a lie while giving testimony in court.

Felony Sentence: 300 Seconds VMenu

Sentence: 30 Minutes Economy Fine: $1,000


1) While completing a sworn affidavit during child support proceedings in family court, John intentionally understates his monthly income by $2,000, signs the printed document, and files it with the judge’s clerk. 2) Jill is sworn in and testifies at trial that her friend, Mary, was having lunch at her house when the crime with which Mary was charged occurred. However, credit card receipts and mobile phone records indicate otherwise. 3) Frank intentionally omits $15,000 he won at a casino from his federal income tax return, which he signs and sends to the IRS.

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