[3] 38 - Non-Motor Vehicle on Highway

Walking, cycling (with any man-powered cycle), skateboarding, scooter-riding, rollerblading/skating, or traversing/travelling on a highway/freeway by any means other than a motorcycle or motor vehicle.


Law shall not apply to level-crossing intersections where the non-motorized traffic is crossing over the freeway/highway to reach the other side, such as the intersection of Route 13 and Joshua Rd.

Law shall not apply within the borders of the Town of Paleto Bay.

Pedestrians who have become stranded on a freeway/highway due to the breakdown of their motor vehicle or those which are experiencing an emergency.

This law exempts emergency services, first responders, highway workers, Department of Transportation employees, and tow operators that are working in an official capacity; as well as the civilians or citizens under their due care or guidance.

Infraction Sentence: None Fine: $10

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