[3] 23 - Stopping at Railroad Crossings

The driver of a commercial motor vehicle carrying hazardous material or any bus capable of carrying passengers shall not cross a railroad track or tracks at grade unless he/she first: Stops the commercial motor vehicle within 50 feet of, and not closer than 15 feet to, the tracks; thereafter listens and looks in each direction along the tracks for an approaching train; and ascertains that no train is approaching. When it is safe to do so, the driver may drive the commercial motor vehicle across the tracks in a gear that permits the commercial motor vehicle to complete the crossing without a change of gears. The driver must not shift gears while crossing the tracks.


A stop need not be made at:

  • A railroad grade crossing when a police officer or crossing flagman directs traffic to proceed.

  • An abandoned railroad grade crossing which is marked with a sign indicating that the rail line is abandoned.

  • An industrial or spur line railroad grade crossing marked with a sign reading “Exempt.” Such “Exempt” signs shall be erected only by or with the consent of the appropriate State or local authority.

Infraction Sentence: None License Points: 2 Fine: $600

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