[2] 2 - Attempted Murder

In the State of San Andreas attempted murder is an felony. A conviction for attempted murder requires a demonstration of an intent to murder, meaning that the perpetrator either tried to murder and failed (e.g. attempted to shoot the victim and missed or shot the victim and the victim survived) or took a substantial step towards committing a murder (e.g. purchasing a gun or other deadly weapon and writing about his or her intent to kill).

Felony Sentence: 600 Seconds VMenu Sentence: 40 Minutes Economy Fine: $5,000


If the victim or target of this crime is a Law Enforcement Officer, the maximum jail/prison sentence is double the above listed amount.


The defendant took at least one direct (but ineffective) step towards killing another person; and the defendant intended to kill that person with whatever sort of way they attempted to with such as the examples that are going to be set below. They must not be successful to class the charge as PC [1] 3.


1) Individual intends to carry out the act of murder but, for whatever reasons, doesn’t accomplish it 2) Trying to poison someone to death, but the victim survives 3) Stabbing someone in the chest with intent to kill, but the victim survives 4) Strangling someone with intent to kill, but the victim survives

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