Terrorist Engagement Doctrine (Removed Aug 28 2023)

The Terrorist Engagement Doctrine states; that any person whom is legally labelled as a terrorist, or any person whom associates with a group labelled as a terrorist organisation, shall be considered a terrorist.

This means that, in hostile circumstances, local law enforcement, first responders and federal agencies, shall not negotiate with them. Per the United States belief, with no negotiations with terrorists, this view continues into San Andreas.

Furthermore, the Terrorist Engagement Doctrine States;

“Should any local law enforcement officer, first responder, federal agent or citizen, encounter a terrorist, they only need to issue 1 command for the said terrorist to comply. Should the terrorist not comply, the individual/s whom are at the scene, may exert levels of force, up to a level considered lethal, should they deem it appropriate. They do not need to have a traditional threat present to themselves, like a weapon aimed at them, just the terrorists inability to comply, after 1 formal command, meets the level to use lethal force. The individuals actions, who neutralises said terrorist, will be deemed heroic, and shall be awarded the Medal of Valor, courtesy of either the Governor of State, or the Mayor for the district.”

Law enforcement officials, first responders, federal agents and citizens, will not be in breach of any laws, should they shoot a terrorist, whom they’ve given a command to comply toward. If said terrorist is fatally wounded, they shall not be arrested, nor charged for any murder or manslaughter offences.

Should any law enforcement officer, federal agent, first responder or citizen shoot a terrorist, without giving a command to comply, they may be charged with murder charges or man slaughter charges, depending on the findings of an investigation.

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